Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for the website to be completed?

Our goal is to have standard websites completed within 14 days, more extensive websites are dependent upon the project. We need to receive your deposit, signed contract agreement, and required materials (content, logos, photos, etc.) to complete your website. We offer copyrighting, logo design, graphic design, and photography services to assist customers in completing their web projects. If you have a deadline in mind we will strive to meet it for you provided all the necessary information is provided in a timely manner.

What do I need to provide for the website, what is the process?

Content – information about your company (i.e. About Us, Management, History), products, services, testimonials, references, contact information, photos, logos, partners, areas served, affiliations/certifications, awards, and other information you would like to appear on your website. Providing current print ads, brochures, direct mail pieces, or other marketing collateral is extremely helpful.

What are the advantages of having Minds Over Media do your website versus Yellowpage companies such as Dex, SuperPages, or

  • Ownership of website. You own your website with Minds Over Media, versus paying a monthly fee and renting your website year-to-year. You are buying a whole new website every year with the yellow page companies. If you ever drop your yellow page program – bingo! You lose your website too.
  • Ownership of domain name. You own your url/domain name address, versus the yellowpage company owning it. You don’t know how many headaches this causes businesses when they try to get ownership of the domain name back from the yellow page companies. Why would you let them have legal ownership of your branded domain name? Plus they charge you more than you would pay on your own.
  • Less intial cost. With Minds Over Media, you pay a one-time charge for your website. This is less than what the yellowpage companies charge you for one year renting a website.
  • Less ongoing cost. With the yellowpage companies, you pay for a entire new website every year! Since your website by Minds Over Media is owned by you (one-time charge), the only ongoing cost is annual web hosting, and updates.
  • Design. Your website will have better design, functionality, features, and appearance.
  • Support. Having a local vendor will enable you to receive faster response times for customer service and custom work , versus a call center support number in Las Vegas.

Do I need to buy a domain name and web hosting?

If you do not have a domain name already, we can purchase an available domain name you would like to use in your name so you legally own the url address. Our packages include 1 year of web hosting also.

Is a deposit required to get the website project started?

Yes a 50% deposit is required to get the website project started. The balance of payment is then due on completion of the website project. Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card.

Will we need to have a meeting?

We prefer to have in person meetings to discuss the goals and objectives of the client, and to learn more about their business in general.  In many cases a meeting isn’t necessary and many sites can be completed with contact via email, telephone, and information collected by us.

What support is offered after the website is completed and up on the Internet?

After the completion of a website project we are available for after sales service.

What ongoing costs are there after the website is completed?

The only ongoing cost will be your annual hosting fee.  Hourly rates will be charged for any extensive updates or revisions to the website.

How do I get listed on search engines such as Google?

We submit all websites we design to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

What is search engine optimization or SEO?

All web sites should be optimized and user friendly for the search engines to index and rank.  This will assist in getting a high search engine ranking.  A website that isn’t optimized won’t appear in the search engines to any great degree.  An effective SEO program utilizes on-site and off-site optimization solutions.

Website Design Process

There are several things that we’ll discuss with you during the initial consultation. The following provides a guideline, tips and information about planning, getting started, and maintaining your website.

Phase I: Planning

  • Be prepared with your information prior to your consultation about your website. Write notes while you brainstorm, including questions you may have.
  • Make an outline of your needs, followed by writing all the details.
  • Organize information and materials for your Web site – photos, brochures, company logo, written materials, text for your Web site, digitized photos, images, logos, and other pertinent information.
  • Visit our Showcase page and preview our website designs to see which layout you like. Also, look at some websites in your industry. This will help you see what your competition is doing, provide an overall perspective of websites in your business, and will help you brainstorm for your own site.
  • Make note of the following – web sites that you like and why, websites that you don’t like and why, any websites that have elements that you like, such as colors, navigation, overall layout, the type of content and how it’s presented.

Things to Consider:

  • Purpose of website
  • Target audience
  • Website content: who you are, what you do, contact information, list of services or products, photographs or other images, logo.
  • Write or gather your content and other materials as needed for your website.
  • Ways to bring in new visitors, repeat visitors.
  • Domain name and registration, web hosting details (for existing websites).
  • Ecommerce – do you wish to sell products or services online.

Phase II: Building

  • After we’ve received your deposit, signed contract agreement and required materials (content, logo, photos, other items as noted above), the design and development begins on the date agreed to in our contract.
  • A private test site will be available for review at each step of the design creation and development process, with regular communications throughout (usually by email, but sometimes by phone).
  • When the site is completed, we get your final OK and payment, the site will be live on the web!

Phase III: Making Your Presence Known

  • Web site registration with several major search engines.
  • Add Web site and email address to all advertising and marketing, all correspondence, vehicles.
  • Consider sending announcements or commencing other promotion of your new, redesigned, or improved website.
  • Other means of bringing in visitors.

Phase IV: Web Site Maintenance and Updating

  • Keep your website content fresh and alive.
  • Provide reasons for new visitors and for them to return to your site.
  • Add new information as appropriate and update existing information regularly.
  • Check search engine rankings and content if needed.
  • Continue to promote your website regularly.

Phase V:  SEO and SEM

  • Consider having us perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program for you to get you ranked on page one of search engines.
  • Consider Search Engine Marketing (pay per click advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo!) to drive traffic to your website.

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